More than paperless

Manage a fully automated flow of exams
Participate in safe online and offline tests
Assess, grade and provide feedback digitally

WISEflow(TM) enables safe, secure and efficient digital exams anytime and anywhere.

  • Help students unleash their potentials and improve their performances by allowing use of the tools they are familiar with in their normal learning environment.
  • Bring real flexibility and mobility to teachers when reading, assessing and providing feedback.
  • Save 75% of the resources used for managing exams and remove the need for paper, printing, posting and physical archiving.

WISEflow covers all aspects from setting and accessing the exam to the handing in, assessing, grading and archiving. WISEflow provides the institution with great overview and the managers with a state-of-the-art engine. Available as SaaS across all platforms on PC, Mac and iPads.


Manage and create exam flows, add participants and assessors and automate distribution and archiving.


Participate in paperless exam flows where assignments are handed out and material handed in digitally.


Assess handed in material directly in the browser. Read, comment and provide direct feedback.


Types of flows

WISEflow supports multiple flow types. Select the appropriate exam flow, e.g. home assignment, on-site exam or group exam, and align it automatically with the institutional rules and regulations.
Format, credits, permitted aids - everything can be customized to the specific needs. Manage hundreds of participants simultaneously while maintaining the flexibility of tending the individual examinee. All can be done in advance at any convenient time.

OnSite exams

The FLOWlock(TM) module provides a safe and secure online testing environment within WISEflow. When exams are conducted through FLOWlock, students are unable to copy, print, go to another URL, or access other applications. When the exam starts, the students are locked into it until they submit it for assessment. In the rare case of loss of internet connection, FLOWlock can still be used, and the exam can be finished. Available for both Windows and Mac.

Read, comment and annotate

WISEflow Annotate(TM) helps teachers assess the assignments in an easy-to-use way. The papers and all appendix materials, be it sound, video, pictures or some other format, can be viewed and accessed directly in one comprehensive report.
Papers can be commented on different levels, both in general and as text comments directly in the paper and even as overall comments to all bundled assignments. Some or all comments can be shared with the participants or co-assessors, providing great feedback and improving the student response and follow up.

Originality control

WISEflow helps assessors check students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism. Examine a fully automated comparison of papers against the Internet, archives and databases.
WISEflow allows easy integration with the world's most accurate and leading plagiarism control systems to ensure the service of any preferred provider.

Online Grading

Grade directly through the system. Papers can be given preliminar and final grades. WISEflow automatically takes care of the validation process if the final grade is given by more than one assessor.
The participants can either see their grades in the overview section, or the grades can automatically be transferred to any Student Information System in place.


All papers and comments are archived and stored securely as long as needed - both the original and as a commented and assessed version - to allow easy later access for both participants and assessors. Participants and assessors each have their own personal archives of submitted and assessed papers.


WISEflow allows seemless integration with existing systems already in place.
Authentication of users can be drawn from any active directory. Student Information Systems containing data about exams, students and assessors can be directly connected and synchronized on the fly.
WISEflow comes with an API for general purpose integrations and integration with the leading learning management and archive systems.

WISEflow Maple - v2.6.6
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