Login issues

Which issue occurs, when you try to log in?
Enter your username to reset your password.

  1. Are you trying to log in through the WISEflow Standard Login with the user credentials from your institution? Username and password for the WISEflow Standard Login are the email address and the password you have defined in WISEflow. If you have another type of username (e.g. institutional ID or personal identification number), you probably have to choose eduGAIN, WAYF or Kalmar2 on the login page instead.
  2. Make sure that Caps Lock is not activated (WISEflow distinguishes between lower case and upper case letters in passwords)
  3. If you still cannot log in, you have to Reset password.
  1. Reset password
    1. Make sure that you create a strong password.
    2. Make sure that your password remains a secret.
  2. If you suspect that your account has been compromised, please contact UNIwise to restore your account.